Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beginning of an Adventure

The Pevensie children

Lizzie Bennet

Harry Potter

Some of my dearest literary friends are situated firmly across the pond and I have longed to visit their homeland for practically forever.
Guess what?
I get to go!

God has firmly slammed shut the door on the Disney College Program only to open wide the double doors of England for the end of summer and next fall. Calling me to an internship with youth, God seems to have a sense of humor. While I vehemently refused to consider anything like teaching or working with junior high or kids (I planned to sing for ministry of course), God quietly arranged my life so I worked in preschool ministry, children's ministry, and youth ministry. I've even been an after-school teacher for the past year-- teaching *gasp* junior high. Strangely, I've been liking it. I don't think I'll ever go back for a teaching certificate but I genuinely like junior high kids. And elementary kids. And probably high school kids even though I still feel like I am there sometimes. 

So now I will intern with youth ministry. At a church. In Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK-- that's in England! 

I am extremely excited and so glad to be sharing this adventure with you!

(this is Lincoln!)