Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey, I'm still here

....just quite distracted from writing for a while. I have been back in the office for the past few weeks and working out details to events that go on during the week. My week begins with a staff meeting on Monday morning and then helping with the Mother/toddler group in the afternoon (there are two brothers I keep and eye on in particular). Then on Tuesday, we have young adult group or a college-age group (we've just started it and I am the leader! ack!). Wednesday is kid's club at the school weekly then a kid's club at the church the following evening, a youth club on Friday nights, then Sunday school and Bible study on Sundays. Saturdays are my day off, but even then I end up at church events some times! I try to take at least one block off every day of the week (morning, afternoon, or evening) but some days my workday has gone from 9 am to 9 pm! (oh, I some times go to the senior citizen luncheon club too... )

I really like the work though-- I get to read Youthwork magazine and other relevant books, study and adapt Bible studies, put together power points, make up crafts, and find games. I am the snack-lady/unruley-child-minder/ actress/ story-teller/singer/designer/ police officer/ organizer and more. Being able to try new things and introduce new ideas is fun but I also like learning about what works here and what's coming up.

Apart from work, I do have time for fun stuff. Two weeks ago, there was a Shakespeare festival and I got the see Taming of the Shrew, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Street Scenes (just bits from the Bards' greatest hits). I also sported lovely wild flowers painted on my face for half the festival because I ended up going from the Community BBQ Saturday and the Community Sunday straight the Shakespeare stuff! So much fun though-- and a really nice lady at Taming of the Shrew even gave me her program! (Then she won free tickets at the raffle and I smiled with God.)

Also, I go swing dancing most Wednesday nights-- love it! I did manage to pick up an admirer at the last dance and now I am busily trying to dissuade him. He's shorter than me! and like 30! and Mom says I can't have a boyfriend in I have friends I look for out swing dancing now. Neil, Rachel, and I also do a movie night about once a month and have dinner at a pub before going to see a film. We saw "Jane Eyre" last night and it was brilliant!  I do love that book and they did a really excellent job with the film. I read a lot too-- I need to sit down and write!

Overall, things are going well. I do miss my family and friends back home buy Skype and Facebook help immensely  And I love being here, working and hanging out with all my wonderful new friends. I love the history, I love the flowers, and I love my work~ I also can't wait to see what God has planned for me next!

This week, just pray that I stay healthy and energetic-- I have been surrounded by people lately and need to find a bit more time to myself. Also, please pray for our various clubs and all the great kids who come-- that God will open their hearts and that we will show his love to them, that they are safe, happy, and healthy at home and that school goes well from them!

What can I be praying about for you? (also, congrats to Katy and Jeff!!!! I cannot wait to meet your darling girl at Christmas!)

Internationally yours,

PS I am going to Londay tomorrow!!!! So exciting!!! So do pray for traveling mercies and all.... :)