Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting There

I've been preparing for England and fundraising for a while now but things are finally starting to come together. I attended Go Now! mission training this weekend and learned a lot about how to do ministry. My roommate who went to England last year can tell you how often I pester her for details about England, what she did, and what to expect. I've also gotten in touch with my pastor, youth pastor, and host family in England (they are good folk) and I'm thinking about packing and resources and jell-o. One of the largest things I'm still working on is fundraising-- thus I am posting a copy of my support letter here. If you can help me out financially, email me for info on donating. If not, please please please continue praying, start to pray, send up a prayer for me right now! Prayer is so important-- I will give you a better list of what to pray for later, but even if you don't have anything specific, just pray for me. Thanks for all your support and love!

Here is that letter:

Dear Family and Friends, 

While searching for an internship to finish my undergrad degree, God called me to a new adventure: youth ministry in England. As I filled out forms and wrote essays for various intern positions, it became clear that God wants me to serve as a youth intern in an English church. I've specifically received a call from Lincoln Baptist Church, Lincolnshire , UK . 
This calling involves living my faith and sharing Christ with kids. Most English kids are taught about God, but many stop attending church around the age of twelve. My job will challenge me to show these teenagers what a personal relationship with God is all about. God has equipped me to work in youth ministry through my work with Fortress Youth Development Center in Fort Worth and First Baptist Church Crawford. Also, I will also be involved in communicating with the youth through news letters, multimedia presentations, music, and giving speeches— a small part of making a difference in the lives of these kids. 
I will live with a host family but will still have some expenses such as transportation to and from England as well as basic living expenses. We have estimated that this will take about two thousand dollars. This is where you can help. Donations go through American Interim Pastor Ministry (the organization I am working with) and are completely tax deductible. 
Even more important than financial support is dedicated prayer support. This is a big job and I will be in a very different environment. Even if you cannot help financially, please be praying for me and the youth that I will be working with. Being so far away from home will be difficult, but I am excited to be able to serve in a place that holds so much charm for me. I can't wait to meet the kids and start learning names and everything else that comes with youth ministry.
I would love for you to be a part of this adventure as well— you can sign up for my email newsletter and keep an eye on my blog for updates and stories about life in England . Please prayerfully consider adding your support as well. 
Wishing you every blessing,
Caitlin Smith

So there is that folks. I leave in five weeks for five months in England. I need to raise a full $2000 before July 1st. Please be praying that God provides and that I will rest in the peace that he will provide. If you can help, even a dollar helps, let me know! 
How can I be praying for you these days? 

Internationally Yours,