Monday, June 6, 2011

New Friends

I've been able to meet the people I will be living with and working with then I'm across the pond and they are wonderful.
Neil and Rachel are a young couple in the church who had graciously opened their home to me. Neil works in the cathedral (Lincoln has a legit old cathedral) and Rachel spends time helping people at the YMCA. Both like reading, walking, and quiet evenings, so I think we will get along fairly well.
Jonathan is the young people's pastor and he's been going over a few plans and programs with me. So far, it looks like there will be something going on at the church six nights of the week-- I'm so excited! I want to be immersed in the lives of the people I will be working with, serving, and ministering to and I pray God will remove more of me and insert more of Himself and His purpose everyday.

Please be praying for the church and the student ministry; Lincoln Baptist runs a decent-sized youth group (FBC Crawford on Wednesday nights) and I will be working with high school girls especially. Be praying for the students, that God creates a new passion with in them for Him and that they have opportunities to grow and to share what they learn. Also be praying for me, that I walk in wisdom and faith, and I let go to let God move. Please pray that the funds will come through-- I am about a tenth of the way there, but I know God will provide.

Thank you for your support in this endeavorer-- I'm so excited you are supporting this adventure. How can I be praying for you this week?